Breaking: PenCott MetroPolis available

I dare to say that everyone who is into camouflage is waiting for PenCott MetroPolis to be released. If you against all odds you never heard of it: It’s the urban version of the great PenCott camo family. If you need to be convinced, just take a look at the reviews from PineSurvey: Part 1, Part 2, Comparison to SloCam.

The problem with this camo is that it was first mentioned about 2013 and it took until 2017 until the first prototypes were seen. Until now there is no way to order clothing or gear in this wonderful pattern. I personally think, it’s not only working close to perfect but it is really aesthetically appealing, too.

The reason why I’m posting this is because, due to a cooperation of PineSurvey and Perunika, there finally is a chance to lay your hands on clothing made in this wonderful pattern. Just read about it in their blog. Due to the current state of production they would need to order quite a big bunch of fabric and so they need to know how many people are interested in getting some stuff. Either just cloth or ready made clothing. Perunika can help you with finding tailors or manufacturers that can build you something as soon as the fabric arrives. Even GearSkin.

Speaking of GearSkin: This is fabric in camo patterns combined with a special adhesive which allows to apply the fabric to almost any surface, remove it, reapply it and so on. The longer you leave it on, the tighter the bond gets but you should always be able to remove it without any residue. You can use it on your holsters, sheaths, helmets, laptop lids, mugs, flashlights whatever. Perunika has partnered with GearSkin so they can provide the “Mammoth” size (140x30cm) GearSkin in PenCott GreenZone with a significant discount. How much, depends on several factors, but if you’re interested, write them at and let them know that you found this hint here.

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