About me

I started collecting knives, flashlights and bags when I was a very little boy. I didn’t know anything about “tactical gear” back then but I was always fascinated by army surplus shops, camo clothing and so on. More than most kids. I kept this interes until today and started to learn about the details, what makes good gear and started collecting more seriously.

Today I’m working in IT, part time support engineer, part time consultant and I’m lucky enough to have an employer who values individuality. So, as long as I won’t show up in full camo at a customers I can live my fascination for tactical gear even during working hours. In fact almost any clothing and gear I have today has a tactical or at least “outdoor” background.

I refused to join the army during my compulsory military service but was allowed to join an ambulance service to serve there. So I got trained as a paramedic and serverd in a paramilitary organization. First as my duty, later as a volunteer. I did not get recertified so most of the medical knowledge I have now is based on personal research, trainings without certification and experience from “back in the days”.

If you are wondering what my reviews are worth for your use case: I sometimes call myself an “outdoor theoretician”. In short: I’m using the gear I have, I’m no fan of items put on display and never getting used. I’m testing the things I have and I try to find ways to put them into good use. I’m travelling a lot due to my job and I’m often out in the woods (at least to walk our dog for hours). But I’m no adventurer or survivalist per se. I’m started attending trainings and try things like staying outdoors overnight but it is what it is: a start. The same goes for other “tactical arts” like martial arts, shooting etc. I tried some and try to make them a habit.

On the other hand, what I do have and what many practitioners seem to lack is thorough theoretical knowledge. I read a lot, discuss a lot, test a lot. So I often see that I can complement practical experience of others with my theoretical knowledge which gives a real thorough picture.


Whatever you read in this blog is my personal opinion and experience. I try to give information as good as I can but I’m not to be made responsible for any harm that can arise from trying or using something you read about on this website. I’m by no means a trainer of any kind (other than IT-topics). If you want to make sure about what you are doing, seek professional training.

I try to link only to websites which give good advice or sell good items. But I’m not responsible for any content you find on linked websites.