“Which MAXpedition pocket organizer fits?”

MAXpedition started this line in 2003 with a single pouch that was small enough to fit into the cargo pockets of tactical pants yet big enough to hold a complete EDC kit. This why it was called the “pocket organizer”. It had lots of elastic loops for internal organization for small parts and could be connected to PALS webbing. On the outside it had a velcro panel for a patch and a mesh pocket. This organizer must have hit the right buttons because over the year they came out with more and more pouches like this in different sizes. I use one myself as my EDC pouch.

I was asked which MAXpedition pocket organizer would fit a certain kit, so here is a short overview over most of the pouches of this line. You can get it from maxpedition.de or click the links below to order them from amazon.

The smaller ones are really flat but they “beef up” when you stuff them with items. As you can see on the pictures, the bigger ones are thicker even when empty. You can use them for fairly big items but they will only fit into really big pockets on pants. Better use the PALS webbing or put them into your bag or smock. The “right side” (when open) of the bigger ones (Fatty, Skinny and Beefy) has the elastic loops aligned vertically not horizontally and they have an extra loop on the inside of the back as well as a zipper pouch instead of the small slot. Beefy and Skinny have a small loop and a D-ring where you can mount lanyards. Micro, E.D.C. and Fatty have small carabiner for keys and the small loop.

  • The small black one is the “Micro Pocket Organizer“. As you know, I use it for my own EDC and it fits perfectly into the side pocket of a MAXpedition Jumbo or Mongo. It’s the only one of the series without PALS webbing, because it’s just too small. For the same reason it doesn’t have a velcro panel for patches.
  • The slightly bigger one is the pouch the line started with. The “E.D.C. Pocket Organizer“. There is an old tacticalforum.de patch on this in the pictures.
  • The longer one in gray with the zombie hunter patch is the “Skinny Pocket Organizer“. Despite its name it’s quite a bit bigger than the beforementioned -it’s just not as wide as the other ones. I used to use this as a smoking pipe pouch which is a perfect use case for it.
  • The medium sized black one with the “keep calm” patch is the “Fatty Pocket Organizer“. I tried to combine my EDC pouch and my IFAK into this single pouch. I succeeded with putting all the stuff into it but it was so stuffed it didn’t feel right, so I changed back to my “two-pouch-approach”.
  • The huge one in foliage without a patch is the “Beefy Pocket Organizer“. This one is huge and you might not be able to put it into any cargo pockets. It’s 4 channels of PALS wide but you can fit lots of gear into it.
  • There is another MAXpedition pocket organizer, the “Chubby Pocket Organizer” which I don’t own. It’s mostly targeted on carrying a concealed handgun which is not legal where I live so I don’t have any use for it.

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